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There are many kinds of cellulose in the world.


There are many kinds of cellulose(cellulose supplier,cellulose products) in the world. Generally they could be classified into 2 groups, one is organically synthetic cellulose(cellulose supplier,cellulose products) and the other is natural extracted cellulose.


The latter one is also the most commonly one in our life and could be found in our foods like fruits which does good to human health.



Naturally extracted cellulose(cellulose supplier,cellulose products) could also be used in food, pharmaceuticals, paper making, oil-drilling(cmc LV,pac LV) and textile.

sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, HPMC and MC are all kinds cellulose(cellulose supplier,cellulose products) products extracted from cotton and are widely used in our world. Sodium CMC could be used as thickener in food and beverage to enhance the flavor and taste;HPMC could be used in construction to consolidate the buildings and reduce the cost. Cellulose suppliers should be equipped with advanced technology, good facilities, reliable reputation and efficient management.


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