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contained in the food grade cellulose sodium carboxymethyl cellulose(cmc)


There are various kinds of food additive and classified by function there could be additive of thickeners, sweeteners acidity regulators etc. For thickeners it would be better to be extracted from natural plants. And that’s why food grade cellulose like sodium carboxymethylcellulose,HPMC and MC are largely used in food industry especially in beverage, dairy products, cold drinks. When sodium carboxymethylcellulose is used as food additive, it could be stable in cold drinks like ice creams. sodium carboxymethylcellulose could control the formation of ice crystal therefore to increase the expansion rate and keep the uniformity of the ice-cream structure which makes the creams be more resistible to melt, taste good and looks more white.

When CMC is used in whatever dairy products like seasoning milk or fruit latt or yogurt, it could react with the protein as long as the PH(potential of hydrogen) is within 4~6.After the reaction a complicated complex would be formed which is helpful to increase the stability of the solution and the impedance of the protein.


CMC as food additive could be mixed together with other stabilizers and emulsifiers. More than one kind of stabilizers will be used in beverage production like Xanthan gum,Guar gum, Carageen and dextrin. Also many emulsifiers like Glyceryl Monostearate and sucrose fatty acid ester. The mixture of these additives could work well with a combined performance and decrease the cost.



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