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The application of the CMC industrial Grade


CMC industrial Grade


As a thickener,  CMC industrial Grade  is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, domestic chemicals, oil-drilling,paper making, textile and construction. So it is also called as “monosodium of industry”.

Especially when used in detergent it could largely decrease the cost which allows the detergent to be produced in large scale.At the same time,   CMC industrial Grade   could make the detergent to be smooth therefore increase the performance of cleaning clothes.

Industrial grade  sodium cmc  is also used in toothpaste because it could help to improve the plasticity of the paste. As promoter in oil-drilling,  CMC industrial Grade  is helpful to increase the outcome of the oil and to reduce the cost. When used in paper-making and textile,  CMC industrial  could reduce cost obviously and increase the rate of qualified products.

It would also help to make the paper or textile look brighter and the color more outstanding. 

For more information of sodium cmc application, please refer to our summery as below. 

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