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Oil Drilling Grade CMC

E No:E466
Einecs No:265-995-8
HS Code:39123100
Routine Packing:25kg
Place of origin:China
QC:Haccp, Kosher, Hala,ISO
Port of dispapch:Shanghai,Tianjin,Qindao

 Specification Of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose(cmc lvcmc hv)


      cmc lvcmc hv can be used in the drilling and digging engineering of oil and natural gas. Although they are not comparable to PAC-LV and PAC-HV in performance, their low production costs and large production volume can greatly lower the procurement cost. For this reason, cmc lvcmc hvare highly popular in oil fields.
The selection of the type of CMC should be determined by the type and location of the mud and the condition of the well depth.
The application of  cmc lvcmc hv in oil fields(Oil Drilling Grade CMC):
① Mud with CMC can produce on the well wall filter cakes that are thin and firm with low permeability. In this way, the water loss is reduced.
② The addition of CMC in the mud can give the drilling machine the minimum initial gel strength that makes it easy for the mud to release the gas enclosed within it while quickly discarding the debris in the pit.
③ Similar to other suspended dispersoids, drilling mud is also subject to a certain lifetime. However, with the addition of CMC, it can have a stable, longer lifetime.
④ Mud with CMC is unlikely to be affected by molds. Therefore, it does not need to be maintained with a high PH, nor does it need any antiseptic.
⑤ Drilling mud with CMC can be used as treatment agent of flushing fluids to resist the pollutions caused by various soluble salts.
⑥ Mud with CMC has good stability which makes it able to lower the water loss even at a temperature above 150℃.
Application Specifications( cmc lvcmc hv):

Product types
Items Oil Drilling Grade CMC
Apparent viscosity,mPa.s
Viscometer dial reading at 600rpm
In deionized water
30 min
In 40g/dm³ salt water
30 min
In saturated salt water
30 min
Fluid loss. mL
10 max
Apparent viscosity,mPa.s (Viscometer dial reading at 600 rpm)
90 max
Fluid lose (API).mL
10 max

 Physical and chemical specifications( cmc lvcmc hv):

Degree of Substitution (D.S)
Purity %
Moisture Content(%)
White or light yellow powder, not agglomeration

Remarks( cmc lvcmc hv)::
(1)  Partical size: Min. 95% pass through 30 mesh
(2)  Standard: CMC LV meet API 13A and OCMA DFCP-2; CMC HV meet API 13A and OCMA DFCP-7;
(3) We also can produce according to customer special requirement
(4) Dissolve suggestions: Pre-mix of CMC powder with other materials when dissolve
(5) Packed in Kraft paper bags of 25kgs net each. 18 months under dark, seal, cool and dry conditions.
      The cmc lvcmc hv produced by our company have long been applied by CNPC (Xinjiang), Bohai Oilfield, and SINOPEC Zhongyuan Oilfield Company. Our  cmc lvcmc hv products are high-quality and competitive in price. They are also exported to countries like Pakistan, India and Brazil.
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