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Toothpaste grade CMC

E No:E466
Einecs No:265-995-8
HS Code:39123100
Routine Packing:25kg
Place of origin:China
QC:Haccp, Kosher, Hala,ISO
Qty in 20' FCL:20 MT
Port of dispapch:Shanghai,Tianjin,Qindao

CMC(toothpaste thickener) is the most widely applied product in toothpaste formulations with the strongest applicability. It can be used alone and has a good thickening effect.
CMC(toothpaste thickener)  is only 0.5% to 1.3% of the content in the toothpaste composition, but with direct impact on the quality of the toothpaste products. The quality of the toothpaste is primarily related to the quality and performance of the selected CMC.
Salt Tolerance of CMC(toothpaste thickener)
A variety of mixed drugs, mainly salt electrolyte, are always added in toothpaste, which are bound to affect the stability of it. Toothpaste will become thinning or liquid phase separation; or gel effect for consistency rising in the storage period, making it is difficult to squeeze if out of the tube. Therefore, in the production of such kind of toothpaste, CMC, with good salt tolerance is requested. Our products of IH500, IH9 , IH10can meet the requirement of the salt tolerance of toothpaste.
Toothpaste grade CMC(toothpaste thickener)   (IH9, IH10) 
ViscosityBrookfield LVT 3#30 rpm 1% solution. 25℃)
Degree of substitutiona (D.S)
0.9 min
1.0 min
pH (1% solution)
Assay %
99% min
Total plate count
1000 cfu/g max
Heavy Metals (Pb)
10ppm max
3ppm max
2ppm max
5ppm max


Toothpaste grade CMC  (IH500)

Name(toothpaste thickener)
Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose
Toothpaste grade CMC
In 25kg bags
Functional use
Specifications Toothpaste grade CMC 
White or cream-color and free-flowing powder
Viscosity: Brookfield LVT 3#30 rpm .2% solution. 25°
99.5 min
Loss no drying
Degree of substitutiona(D.S)
Ph(1% solution)
Total plate count
1000cfu/g max
Heavy metals(Pb)
10ppm max
3ppm max
2ppm max
5ppm max
 The toothpaste, with the element of formula dual-purpose mixed thickener (CMC + HEC), is stable significantly.
2. The Anti-enzyme Nature of CMC
Because CMC is cellulose derivative, so it is easy to be degraded by cellulose if molecule substitution is uneven and existing more free fiber. Therefore, Toothpaste will become thin, losing the figure of stripe.
The capacity of anti-enzyme of CMC depends on the uniformity and high rate of molecule substitution, as well as the superior performance of CMC anti-enzyme quality. Our products of IH500, IH9 are made under a special process, making them become more uniform reaction, less free fibers and higher anti-enzyme quality.
3. The Viscosity and Rheology of CMC
Products with high degree of substitution, and low viscosity show better pseudoplastic and less thixotropy.
IH9 is recommended.
To meet the request of convenience for producing and using toothpaste, it should have good pseudoplastic (figure of stripe) and appropriate thixotropic, which means it can obtain good pseudoplastic in the resting state and a certain degree of thixotropy in transport or squeezing for use. Toothpaste needs a certain degree of thixotropy, but too much could easily lead to poor pseudoplastic, making hard to form a stripe on toothbrush.
4. The Spinnability of CMC (toothpaste thickener)
In the bottling process of producing toothpaste, paste dragline silk phenomenon often occurs, making inconvenience for the producing process (Sealing). What’s more, toothpaste always adheres in the toothpaste cap inside and outside when squeezing it on the toothbrush, which shows spinnability.
Spinnability is affected by the degree of substitution. With the same degree of substitution (Ds value), low viscosity leads to low spinnability. With the same viscosity, high Ds value means high spinnability. The spinnability of FH500 is low.
To produce high-quality toothpaste, characters of CMC are required as follows:
①. An appropriate viscosity and good Ds with uniform molecular substitution;
②. Good salt tolerance and capacity of anti-enzyme;
③. Easy to be dispersed and swelling in the process of producing toothpaste for the convenience of bottling process;
④. Good compatibility with other raw materials.

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